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Juggling for 26.2 miles, it 'joggles' the mind - April 12, 2006
The Boston Globe - Michal Kapral is the better runner. Pushing his 20-month-old daughter, Annika, in a stroller, he ran the Toronto marathon in 2 hours 49 minutes. With no baby in tow, his personal best is 2:32. Zach Warren is the better juggler. Bowling pins, knives, and torches are all child's play to him. He can juggle while riding a unicycle; he can juggle while blindfolded. Full story...

Sister's Struggle Inspires Summer Research Student - June 2, 2005
The Toronto Star - If Michael Forrester makes even the tiniest contribution toward the understanding of cancer, a lifetime of effort will have been worth it. The University of Toronto student is studying molecular genetics with an eye toward a medical degree, a PhD, and a career in research. Full story...

Michal Kapral on CBC Radio's As It Happens - April 10, 2006
Don't get us wrong: here at "As It Happens", we're as impressed by top-flight athletes as anyone. We just have one quibble: in the middle of all the heavy breathing and the, you know, astonishing achievements of the human body and spirit -- where's the razzmatazz? If we were able to come up with an Olympic motto, it would be: "Higher, faster, stronger, more juggling." And by that standard, our next two guests are the greatest athletes of all. Listen to the interview by clicking here.

Michal Kapral on 99.9 KTYD Santa Barbara - September 26, 2005
Michal was interviewd by the California radio station after his first attempt at breaking the Guinness world record for Joggeling. You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

Marathon Man Joggles to a World Record - September 26, 2005
The Globe and Mail - Michal Kapral has joggled his way into history and the Guinness World Records Book. The 33-year old Toronto man broke the record in marathon joggling yesterday during the Scotiobank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Full story...

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